You Are The Average of Your Relationships

17t0stkd96512jpgI can remember exactly when I started asking myself the hard questions. You know, the ones that are most important in life like: What is happiness?  What is my passion?  What am I going to contribute to the world with the life I live? How can be a better person? And so on…

I was a sophomore in college in a fraternity with 50 plus brothers, and had everything you could imagine – I was living the dream.  But I remember this feeling of loneliness and uncertainty that I just could not shake.  I later realized it was because I hadn’t yet discovered who I was.  I hadn’t found my passion or embraced the ideals, values, and lifestyle of leadership that I now try to live.

That semester I started working in the Dean of Students office and involved myself in several leadership programs and positions.  It was during that time that I learned about leadership – I mean true leadership – not the definition I had been using.  Before, I considered leadership as role with a title; but after lots of self-evaluation I realized leadership is a lifestyle one lives when they are passionate, hardworking, genuine, and willing to empower others to reach their full potential.  The Texas Student Leadership Forum was one of the places where I was inspired to better myself.

Leadership is about having the courage to understand your passions, strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes question your purpose in life.

A good leader also understands they can’t do it all alone.

Throughout the journey of life one will make a few great friends friends, acquire a few mentors, have lots of acquaintances and maybe a couple of enemies. They all matter.

I’ve come to learn that the value of life is based on the relationships we build.  Good leaders build a community and know how to use their unique talents to strengthen each other. Genuine friends challenge each other’s perspectives, work together and hold each other accountable.

A great friend of mine says you are the average of your five best friends. I believe this must be true; and I’m convinced that you must first know yourself before you can find those who fit best into your life.

I believe the key theme that ties all of the Tenets of the Forum together is the theme of relationships. I’m inspired when I surround myself with like-minded and passionate people and I’m glad the Texas Student Leadership Forum collects those kinds of folks.


1377352_10200724310980109_2018670524_nThis post was written by Nathan McDaniel: Texas State alum, past Forum participant and current Forum Facilitator.

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