On Friendship

I will always remember Tuesday mornings. Not just because I was able to wake up at the crack of dawn to go eat two eggs over medium, bacon, hash browns, and one piece of wheat toast, but because I spent an hour or two with a true friend. At this point in life I can finally see friendships and relationships come and go, but there are those friends that will always be there. This was one of those friends; this was one of those relationships.

The six months we spent having breakfast at the local diner brought up discussions ranging from politics, drama at work, families and the ladies that would come and go in our lives. When you have a true friendship and a real relationship, everything is on the table. Quite often it takes a while to get over the embarrassment of that pending conversation, but when you break the barrier it makes everything so much easier. You finally have someone else to speak with about what you are really thinking. Someone else is able to completely understand you as a person and provide the valuable insight you might need to apply to a life situation.

This is a true friendship, not just a frequent companion.

I would encourage every young adult to find their true friends. You donʼt have to meet them for breakfast every Tuesday, but at least invite them to be a part of your lives. This friendship will be mutually beneficial as you go through the ups and downs of growing up.

Please remember, you donʼt have to go through the growing pains alone. Other people have been through the same troubles at work before, so open up and donʼt be afraid to form a true relationship.


264322_10100175608625997_4045759_nThis post was written by Brett Baker: Texas State University alum and past Forum participant and Facilitator.

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