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The Value of Friendship

Friendship is formed among those who share a mutual love for one another. This shared love for one another must then be seasoned by additional commonalities: visions, pursuits and/or virtues. The commonalities that create friendship are anything but common. Instead, they are the characteristics of oneʼs heart, mind and soul that make each member of the friendship unique from most other people. The combination of love and these special commonalities shared between individuals emulsifies into friendship. This sensation has been described as the unification of reason and affection.

While these unities may make friends very much alike, it does not mean that friends will have everything in common. More often than being replicas, friends are likely to be complements of each other. They may share beliefs, virtues and dreams, but each friend is still uniquely individualistic – although friends may often be found to have similar differences from the greater population. In fact, friendships are each a “relation between men at their highest level of individuality.” It is these differences from the larger society, but that are shared among friends, that harden friendships. Continue reading

On Friendship

I will always remember Tuesday mornings. Not just because I was able to wake up at the crack of dawn to go eat two eggs over medium, bacon, hash browns, and one piece of wheat toast, but because I spent an hour or two with a true friend. At this point in life I can finally see friendships and relationships come and go, but there are those friends that will always be there. This was one of those friends; this was one of those relationships.

The six months we spent having breakfast at the local diner brought up discussions ranging from politics, drama at work, families and the ladies that would come and go in our lives. When you have a true friendship and a real relationship, everything is on the table. Quite often it takes a while to get over the embarrassment of that pending conversation, but when you break the barrier it makes everything so much easier. You finally have someone else to speak with about what you are really thinking. Someone else is able to completely understand you as a person and provide the valuable insight you might need to apply to a life situation.

This is a true friendship, not just a frequent companion.

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Self Knowledge & Purpose

forrest-gump1What is my purpose in life?

Just a couple of years out of college, I have found the ability to be self-aware of one’s ultimate reason for existing on this Earth to be one of the most frustrating questions a person can have.

Since the beginning of complex thought, philosophers, religious scholars, and great thinkers alike have pondered whether or not our individual purpose is our own choice – or has it been predetermined?

One such great thinker by the name of Forrest Gump, stated: “I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it’s both.”

This is certainly a question that I have personally struggled with for quite some time and it’s only recently that I have come terms with this grand Question, and finally allowed my mind to be at ease with the conclusions I have made.

I find the thought of an ultimate destiny to be very romantic and empowering; however, this thought also makes things seem a little boring.  Where is the fun in life if, who you are to be isn’t even really up to you?  Yet, at the same time, the way life plays out so beautifully sometimes, I don’t think I can dismiss the idea of destiny.  It is with these thoughts that I have come to agree with Mr. Gump.  We are all presented with many forks in the road, each path with its own destiny and purpose. But it is our choice as to which path and which destiny is ours. Continue reading